(the Ministry Of Silly Hats)

M.O.S.H. is the title of the autobiography written by Ben Roughton (1978-1997), who died from cancer shortly after getting the book published. He was a good friend and is much missed.

The book makes for a good, thought-provoking read. It isn't unfortunately available in print anymore, but can be found online here.

Ben also appeared in an article in the Daily Mail's YOU magazine. It can be seen here as scanned magazine pages, so the images are quite large.

Not content with that, Ben also wrote a computer game, called Crazy Car. It works on Power Macs, and runs fine on my Performa 6400. Haven't tried it with my iMac though.

The tree in the background was planted in his memory at Eton. The plaque reads "Quo tandem ascendisset si vixisset", meaning "to what heights would he have climbed, had he lived?"

Malcom Sargeant Cancer Fund: 14 Abingdon Road, London, W8 6AF